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          CONTACT US
             Address:1899th, Zhongzhou Road, Guancheng district, Zhengzhou,Henan ,China

          Zhengzhou Huachen Refractory Co.,ltd was founded in 2003, Headquarter is located in Zhengzhou city, which is the capital of Henan Province. Henan province is located in the center of China. Zhengzhou is the center of politics and economy and  traffic center in middle of China. Zhengzhou as the staring port of One Belt and One Road,plays an increasingly important role in the international trade.

          Since established of the company, we are focusing on producing research and development of  refractory bricks and raw materials, especial the fused cast AZS block and the Magnesite series bricks and materials. Now we have two plant, one produce the fused cast block, like AZS 33#.36#,41#. the other plant produce the MgO2 series bricks and Al2O3 series bricks, like Magnesite brick, Magnesite chrome brick...     learn more >>

          WHY CHOOSE US ?
          Survive with quality, promote development with integrity.
          Products Competitiveness
          1.ISO certificate enterprise.
          2.Strictly QC requirement.
          3.Advanced technology.
          4.Located in raw materials area,supplying us premium quality raw material with competitive price.
          5.Convenient transportation, provide quick lead time, reduce the shipment cost.
          Technical Support
          1.Provide the products solution.
          2.Provide the furnace solutions.
          3.We cooperate with Luoyang glass industry design & research institute and Qinhuangdao glass industrial design & research institute.
          4.If you have questions for your products or furnace, please write us without hesitation..
          Kiln Construction
          1.We have experienced furnace/kiln building team.
          2.We have build kinds of furnace in domestic, include glass furnace, cement kiln, electric furnace, garbage incinerator
          3.we build nearly ten furnace in abroad, include Vietnam, Myanmar...
          4.If you want to build a furnace, please inform us.
          Excellent Service
          1.Tracking service one for one, insist on seriously considering proposals from every customer and reply the requirements of them promptly in 24 hours.
          2.Satisfy customer is the key task for people of Huachen, we trust our sincerity will help us win much more reputation & long-term business partners.
          Add:   1899th, Zhongzhou Road, Guancheng district, Zhengzhou,Henan ,China
          Tel:   0086-371-86503968
          Fax:   0086-371-69399809
          Mob:   0086-18939512185

          E-mail:   hc01@hcrefractory.com
          Skype:   dannylsf01
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